Writing Game, The

The Writing Game

Writing Game, The

The Writing Game is an informative guide to the pitfalls and hazards of dealing with publishers (is imprint important?) and agents (do you need one?), tells you what to do about writers' block and how to survive the disappointments and rejections encountered by writers such as Bernard Shaw, Scott Fitzgerald, George Orwell, Vladimir Nabokov, Lewis Carroll, Somerset Maugham, Frederick Forsyth, John le Carré (told 'he has no future'), William Golding and Iris Murdoch. Those who doubt their potential as writers would do well to remember the literary establishment's reaction to Ian Fleming's fiction: 'James Bond will never sell'.

'A vivid and revealing exploration of creative writing. It is thoughtful and fluent and deserves to be widely read' Mark le Fanu, General Secretary, Society of Authors

'This unique survey of the creative territory is as indispensible to the writer and the interested reader as the Michelin Guide is to the traveller, and it's much more fun to read' Clive Sinclair, Award-winning novelist

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15 Oct 2013
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About the author

  • Rosemary Friedman

    Rosemary Friedman has published 26 titles including 21 novels and 3 non-fiction works which have been translated into several languages and serialised by the BBC. She has published 2 childrens' books and more than 50 short stories. She has written commissioned screenplays (UK & USA) and television scripts including the pilot for 'Shrinks' (Euston Films, Thames Television) screened 1991 and 'Baby Blues' (BBC1 Doctors) screened 2002. Her stage play Home Truths starred Christopher Cazenove, Edward Hardwicke and Lynda Baron and was co-produced by the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford; it toured major UK venues in 1997. Her stage play Change of Heart had its world première at the New End Theatre in 2004. An Eligible Man was premièred at the New End Theatre in May 2008 and in Kielce, Poland, in December 2011. It had a UK commercial tour in April 2012 and will have a further UK tour in 2014.

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