White Masai, The

White Masai, The

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At once a hopelessly romantic love story, a gripping adventure yarn and a fine piece of social anthropology, The White Masai is a compulsive read.

Whilst on holiday Corinne Hoffman fell in love with a Masai warrior. After overcoming all sorts of obstacles she moved into a tiny shack with him and his mother and spent four years in Kenya. Slowly but surely, the dream began to crumble. She eventually fled back home with her baby daughter.

From wild animals through starvation to ritual mutilation, this is a book steeped in humanity and one that tells a fascinating tale.

'I've been completely riveted by it - in fact haven't put it down all morning. What an amazing story!... one of the bravest and most vivid I've read in years and I'm not surprised it's a bestseller' Deborah Moggach

'She is a brilliant observer… Hofmann is a talented writer, describing with unflinching detail the consequences of a passion that combines the element of a holiday romance with troubling fantasies about the noble savage. Gripping' Joan Smith, Independent

'The White Masai has already sold four million copies in Europe and has now been turned into a big Hollywood film. Theses successes suggest that, in publishing terms at least, Corinne Hofmann has finally struck gold' Ireland on Sunday

'This extraordinary story is a dashing tale of love and adventure in contemporary Kenya' Mavis Cheek, Daily Mail Critic's Choice

'A deliciously readable book - it really is possible to gulp it down in one long sitting' Mail on Sunday

'An extraordinary and unputdownable tale' Bookseller

'It's a truly riveting read, better than any reality TV show' Publishing News

'It is the most extraordinary story (as the four million people who have already bought the book in Europe would no doubt agree!)' Robert Gwyn Palmer, Sunday Telegraph

'Extraordinary' Hollywood Reporter

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01 Jan 2001
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  • Corinne Hofmann

    Corinne Hofmann achieved international fame with The White Masai, which details the extraordinary story of her life with a Masai warrior in Kenya.  A major motion picture followed and the book went on to sell over six million copies worldwide.  Arcadia Books has also published two sequels: Reunion in Barsaloi and Back from Africa; her newest book, Africa, My Passion was published in 2014. Corinne Hofmann lives in Switzerland.

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