Twins, The

The Twins by Tessa De Loo

Twins, The

Two elderly women, one Dutch and one German, meet by chance at the famous health resort of Spa. They recognize in the other their twin sister they believed to be lost. They begin to tell each other their life stories – the last chance to bridge a gulf of almost seventy years. In this monumental novel, Tessa de Loo compellingly weaves the story of two twin sisters separated in childhood with that of two countries opposed in war, and depicts, in a simple yet harrowing prose the effects of nature and nurture on the individual.

'Gripping and touching … Tessa de Loo's powerful narrative filters Europe's grand events through a family story that tests the ties of blood against the pull of passion and the blast of war' Independent

'A huge success … a memorable and moving tale' Sunday Telegraph

'Has there ever been, one wonders, a more imaginative and moving dramatization of the human cost of the divisions and destruction wreaked by Hitler’s madness? Quite likely not. A flat-out masterpiece: exhilarating and unforgettable' Kirkus Review

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21 Feb 2001
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About the author

  • Tessa de Loo

    Tessa de Loo was born in Bussum, a small town not far from Amsterdam.  She made her début with The Girls from the Sweet Factory.  Her prize-winning novels include Meander, Isabelle, The Smoke Sacrifice and The Miracle of the Dog; while A Pig in the Palace looks at Byron’s travels in Albania.

    Arcadia Books also publishes her million-copy best-seller, The Twins.  This novel grew out of her maternal grandmother’s experiences during the war, when she hid ten Jews and two conscientious objectors in her house – in addition to her eight children.  All survived the war – and one of the conscientious objectors would become Tessa de Loo’s father.

    Tessa de Loo now lives in a village in Portugal, where ‘life is as it was in Fifties Holland and sometimes even as it was in the Middle Ages’.

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    The Twins by Tessa De Loo