Tree Without Roots, A

Tree Without Roots, A

From a man who dedicated more than 11 years of his life to uncovering the saga of his African slave ancestors comes a guide for others to capitalise on his informed techniques and discover just what it means to know where one is from. Offering groundbreaking insights into how to delve into one's past, this book is intended both for beginners, educationalists and experienced researchers and provides inspiration to those who believe that their search may be hampered by having mixed parentage or a history of migration through the ages. An instructive guide for those interested in finding out more about their family connections with the Caribbean islands, it offers techniques and approaches that can be applied to any one researching their ancestors around the world.

Praise for Ancestors:

'A moving tale of a black British family that travels through the ages from slavery and beyond' Bonnie Greer, The Guardian

'I was moved' Doreen Lawrence; 'Groundbreaking... a riveting read' Pride

'An exceptional debut novel. It is rightly being hailed as the heir to Alex Haley's Roots... A highly recommended read for the entire family' Woman to Woman

'Part historical novel, part thriller... convincingly recreates slave life as it must have been and the helplessness of individual slaves in an unfeeling system' Family History Month

'Crooks' search for his family tree is the compelling theme - fiction based on terrible fact' Off the Shelf

‘An inspiring piece of literature’ New Nation

'It is his riveting account of how he, as a young Black Londoner, learnt how to research family history and trace his origins back to the Caribbean and Africa that will most inspire those on a similar quest' Madge Dresser, In My Library, BBC Who Do You Think You Are Magazine

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10 Sep 2008
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About the author

  • Paul Crooks

    Paul Crooks

    Paul Crooks was born a stone's throw from Wembley Football Stadium and lives in London. He is the author of Ancestors, which follows the journey he took to trace his roots from London, to Jamaica and right back to Africa.

    A Tree Without Roots: The Guide to Tracing British, African and Asian Caribbean Ancestry announced Paul as an expert in African Caribbean genealogy. He has also spoken on national and local radio about the research that went into writing Ancestors.

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