To Steal Her Love

To Steal Her Love

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A strange nocturnal visitor tiptoes through an apartment in Helenski. Nothing is stolen, nothing is destroyed. Numerous women wake to an unknown presence in their bedroom, but in the light of the morning it seems as if it was all a dream. At first the police take little notice, and the women begin to doubt their own sanity. But evidence accumulates and the net closes. Tipi, a skillful picker of locks, falls in love with one of his nighttime women. He shadows her, daring to approach her only secretly at night. Can Tipi maintain a life of crime and his true love?

'Matti Joensuu's writing is wonderful. A little laid back, at times a little dark and gloomy, definitely Finnish, and really excellent on the detective work. To Steal Her Love is a terrific police procedural. And exciting and interesting as well.' Bookgazette

'It is as good as any and better than most of the Scandinavian crime novels that have been highly praised here and elsewhere – and To Steal Her Love has numerous innovative and unusual qualities that makes it stand out in its own right. I was bowled over by it' International Noir Fiction 

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08 Jul 2008
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About the author

  • Matti Joensuu

    Matti Joensuu is a best-selling Finnish crime fiction author. He has for most of his life worked as an arson and explosives expert with the Helsinki police. His series featuring Detective Sergeant Timo Harjunp of the Helsinki force is immensley popular and has been translated into other languages.

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