The Shameful Suicide of Winston Churchill

The Shameful Suicide of Winston Churchill

The Shameful Suicide of Winston Churchill


Downing Street but not as we know it: the year is 1949, the Allied Powers' advance on Moscow in the wake of Nazi defeat has failed. As Stalin's tanks crash into the heart of London, Winston Churchill emerges from his bunker, draws a revolver and decides upon the only course of action left to him.

We switch to 1989. England is divided between Soviet and American sectors, with London split in two. Metropolitan People's Police detective Harry Stark works in Scotland Yard with a view of Victory Embankment and the charred stump of Big Ben on the other side of the London Wall.

Under Blackfriars Bridge a river border patrol finds a hanging corpse. Stark is called to investigate. A hard-working honest cop whose chief delight is a pint in The Rose (formerly 'and Crown') he has no truck with the sinister Department of Social Security political police.

An American infiltrator tells him the body is linked to a dissident plot involving his wayward little sister, his socialist hero father's secret past and the notorious suicide of the 'villainous' Churchill himself. But should he believe him or the slimy DoSS major who feeds him an altogether different version of history?

A gripping murder mystery mixed with personal and political upheaval set in an alternative Britain that is the front line of the Cold War, written by the award-winning British journalist who covered the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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21 Apr 2016
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About the author

  • Peter Millar

    Peter Millar is an award-winning British journalist, author and translator, and has been a correspondent for Reuters, Sunday Times and Sunday Telegraph. He was named Foreign Correspondent of the Year for his reporting on the dying stages of the Cold War, his account of which – 1989: The Berlin Wall, My Part in its Downfall – was named ‘best read’ by The EconomistAn inveterate wanderer since his youth, Peter Millar grew up in Northern Ireland and studied at Magdalen College, Oxford. Before and during his university years, he hitchhiked and travelled by train throughout most of Europe, including behind the Iron Curtain to Moscow and Leningrad, as well as hitchhiking barefoot from Dubrovnik to Belfast after being robbed in the former Yugoslavia. He has had his eyelashes frozen in the coldest inhabited place on Earth - Oymyakon, eastern Siberia, where temperatures reach minus 71ºC, was fried at 48ºC in Turkmenistan, dipped his toes in the Mississippi, the Mekong and the Nile, the Dniepr and the Danube, the Rhine and the Rhone, the Seine and the Spree. He crisscrossed the USA by rail for his book All Gone To Look for America and rattled down the spine of Cuba for Slow Train to Guantanamo. He has lived and worked in Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw and Moscow, attended the funerals of two Soviet leaders, been blessed six times by Pope John Paul II (which would have his staunch Protestant ancestors spinning in their graves), and he has survived multiple visits to the Munich Oktoberfest and the enduring agony of supporting Charlton Athletic. Peter speaks French, German, Russian and Spanish, and is married with two grown-up sons. He splits his time between Oxfordshire and London, and anywhere else that will have him.

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    The Shameful Suicide of Winston Churchill