South Atlantic Requiem

South Atlantic Requiem Edward Wilson

South Atlantic Requiem

Set during the Falklands Conflict, this thrilling spy novel sees the return of Wilson’s spy hero Catesby, sent to Peru amidst Downing Street defence cuts and pressure from Reagan’s Whitehouse in order negotiate a last minute Falklands deal with the Argentine Junta. When, just twelve hours after new peace terms are agreed, the ship Belgrano is torpedoed, Catesby is left shocked and disillusioned and is forced to uncover the governmental and political lies that sit at the heart of the conflict... 

'On a par with John le Carré ... it’s that good'


We attempt to second-guess both Catesby and his crafty creator, and are soundly outfoxed at every turn…Wilson is now firmly ensconced in the new firmament of espionage writing’

Barry Forshaw Independent

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15 Mar 2018
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About the author

  • Edward Wilson

    Edward Wilson is a native of Baltimore. He studied International Relations on a US Army scholarship and later served as a Special Forces officer in Vietnam. He received the Army Commendation Medal with ‘V’ for his part in rescuing wounded Vietnamese soldiers from a minefield. His other decorations include the Bronze Star and the Combat Infantryman’s Badge. After leaving the Army, Wilson became an expatriate and gave up US nationality to become a British citizen. He has also lived and worked in Germany and France, and was a post-graduate student at Edinburgh University. He is the author of four previous novels, A River in MayThe EnvoyThe Darkling Spy and The Midnight Swimmer, all published by Arcadia Books. The author now lives in Suffolk where he taught English and Modern Languages for thirty years. He's currenting writing his sixth novel A Very British Ending.

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