Sappho's Leap

Sappho's Leap

Sappho's Leap is a journey back 2600 years to inhabit the mind of the greatest love poet the world has ever known. At the age of 14, Sappho is seduced by the beautiful poet Alcaeus, plots with him to overthrow the dictator of the island and is caught and married off to a repellent older man in the hope that matrimony will keep her out of trouble. Instead, however, it starts her off on a series of amorous adventures taking her from Delphi to Egypt, and even to the Land of the Amazons and the shadowy realm of Hades.

'What a romp, what fun, what good sex, what a pleasure it is to read Sappho. Who would think that the distant dim classical world could be transformed into such a startling adventure...?' Anne Roiphe

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20 May 2010
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About the author

  • Erica Jong

    Erica Jong

    Erica Jong is a poet, novelist and essayist whose works have been influential all over the world. Her first novel, Fear of Flying, never out of print, has sold 27 million copies from the U.S.A and Europe to Russia, Turkey, China, Japan, Korea and the rest of Asia. Fear of Flying has just celebrated its 40th Anniversary with new editions in many languages.

    Erica is the author of seven widely honoured volumes of poetry, eight novels and seven non-fiction books including Fear of Fifty, a mid-life memoir; Witches, an illustrated book rehabilitating the figure of the witch; The Devil at Large, a study of Henry Miller, her mentor and friend; and many other important books.

    Among awards that have honoured Erica’s amazing oeuvre are: the Fernanda Pivano Award for Literature in Italy; the Sigmund Freud Award in Italy; the Deauville Literary Award in France; the United Nations Award for Excellence in Literature; Poetry Magazine’s Bess Hokin Prize (also won by Sylvia Plath and W.S. Merwin).

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