Rory's Boys

About the author

  • Alan Clark

    Brought up in Scotland, Alan started writing children’s fiction at the age of twelve and has written for a living ever since. Most of his career has been spent in major London advertising agencies as a copywriter and creative director. He's created campaigns for many world-famous brands such as Martini, Levi’s, Stork, Nestle, Kodak and scores of others. Alan has won several international awards, including prizes from the festivals in Cannes and Chicago.

    Some years ago, he was urged by the author Sue Townsend to go back to fiction and she was a constant mentor during the writing of his first adult novel Rory’s Boys which was published in 2011 to excellent reviews in the press, radio and online. (The New York Journal of Books called it ‘a classic ... one of the most funny novels of 2011’). He has just completed his second novel The Prince Of Mirrors.