Rocking the Boat

Rocking the Boat

Rocking the Boat

1963 and Paul Shaw, suburban dreamer, barely out of his teens, is ready to make the most of those flower-powered days of innocence and decadence as the black-and-white post-war world of Britain blooms into glorious psychedelic colour.

Soundtrack Baby! Says Liam, the Radio Pirate Chief, when he meets Paul. His plan for 50 kilowatts of offshore pop power 24/7 will blow every mind in the nation, and blow the lid off pressure-cooker Britain. All it needs is cash, and that’s where Paul comes in, with his rich dad.

From Haslemere to the High Seas Paul Shaw is drawn inexorably from suburbia into committing a historic act at which governments trembled, politicians railed, the people cheered, gunboats were dispatched, and 38 million Britons tuned in and turned on. Falling in love en route, he finally gropes his way to the happy ending.

The thinly veiled story of Radio Caroline is a sidesplitting comic novel about how against all the odds three total goofers pulled it off.

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15 Aug 2018
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About the author

  • Ian Ross

    Ian Ross was born in Chelsea in 1943.  Aged sixteen he first went to Los Angeles, saw an automatic car wash and opened one in Richmond, Britain’s first. In 1963 aged nineteen he co-founded Pirate Station Radio Caroline, briefly co-managed The Animals, and met his future wife Bunty Lampson. He moved his family to Los Angeles in 1979 and opened Flipper’s Roller Boogie Palace in Hollywood. The place caused a sensation and was closed by the authorities after three years whereupon Ian became a butler in Beverly Hills. In 1988 he returned to England and wrote two books about his adventures, Rocking the Boat and Beverly Hills Butler, both published by Arcadia Books.

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