Reunion In Barsaloi

Reunion In Barsaloi

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Fourteen years after fleeing Kenya with her baby daughter, Corinne returned in the summer of 2004 to meet Lketinga and his family again in their village, Barsaloi. Nervous as she was, and uncertain as to how he would react on seeing her again, she found to her relief that she was welcomed unreservedly by all those who remembered her – by Lketinga, who still thought of her as his 'wife number one', by his brother James, now a schoolteacher, and especially by Lketinga's mother, who had looked after Corinne with such care all those years before. Corinne Hofmann revisits an area of a country which she cares about passionately, describing in her immensely readable style the changes she saw after her time away, and once again bringing to life the atmosphere and characters in the Masai village.

'Hofmann's publishers are still reeling from the success of her first book, The White Masai, which sold four million copies worldwide. Romantic ... (with) the nobility of African village life and wry reflection on its hardships' Iain Finlayson, The Times

'Her book is a page-turner, an extraordinary tale of love and naivety, folly and determination' Sun Herald

'Hofmann sticks to the short, staccato prose that made the original book so successful, and she delights in being reunited with her former husband, his mother and many others' Kirkus Reviews

'Her observations and knowledge of a culture so different from her own, with practices such as female circumcision still common. is both insightful and fascinating' gcbooks

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25 May 2007
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  • Corinne Hofmann

    Corinne Hofmann achieved international fame with The White Masai, which details the extraordinary story of her life with a Masai warrior in Kenya.  A major motion picture followed and the book went on to sell over six million copies worldwide.  Arcadia Books has also published two sequels: Reunion in Barsaloi and Back from Africa; her newest book, Africa, My Passion was published in 2014. Corinne Hofmann lives in Switzerland.

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