Psalm 119

Psalm 119

Psalm 119

'To stand with your peace-flag in front of an army tank and be surprised when you get shot at: this is all the joy of youth. To ask to be fired upon and then have all your friends be outraged for you: this is love.'

In the first years of this century, three young people, Anne-Marie, David and Mohammed, try to find their places in a changed world of identity politics, religion, conflict and betrayal. Set against the background first of student life and then Palestine, Israel and the Balkans, this beautifully written, original and powerful debut novel draws on the poetry of the Song of Songs and the Persian poet Rumi, and asks searching questions about the nature of betrayal, loyalty and identity, both in our personal lives and in today's troubled world.

'I began Psalm 119 late one night, and realised that I would not be going to bed until the novel was good and ready to let me go.' Tobias Hill, Prize Judge

'Inborn literary skill, deftness of language, equally at home with the known and the so far unknown – and funny with it. If she keeps it up she'll take her place among the best in the land.' Fay Weldon, Prize Judge

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01 Jul 2008
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About the author

  • Heather McRobie

    Heather McRobie

    Heather McRobie (b. 1985) is a British-Australian novelist and journalist. Her first novel, Psalm 119, was published when she was 23 and won the Helene du Coudray Prize. 
    Since then she has worked as a freelance journalist for The Guardian, the New Statesman, the Globe and Mail and other publications, working and living in Bosnia, Jordan, Germany, Canada and Egypt. 
    She is completing a PhD on the 2011 Egyptian revolution at Oxford University and works as an editor at openDemocracy. She is working on her second novel.

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    Psalm 119