On Loving Josiah

On Loving Josiah

Josiah Horatio Nelson is born to unusual parents. Having met in a psychiatric hospital, they decide to bring up their child far away from the constraints of conventional society. But social services soon intervene to remove him from his idyllic home. Friendless, ostracised and bullied, Josiah is saved from despair when he meets his Latin tutor Thomas Marius with whom he soon forms an intense relationship. Marius takes him to Italy on an educational visit but returns to find he is suspected of child abuse...

'Fane's deft use of metaphor and inclusion of domestic details keep the narrative flowing smoothly.' Publishers Weekly

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07 Apr 2011
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About the author

  • Olivia Fane

    Olivia Fane has endured one divorce, married two husbands, been awarded three M.A.s in Classics, Social Work and Theology, written four novels and given birth to five sons. She lives in Sussex. Fane’s combination of intellectual ideas and clear, involving prose won her a Betty Trask Award for Landing on Clouds, and drew comparisons with Iris Murdoch.

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