On Becoming a Fairy Godmother

On Becoming a Fairy Godmother

This long-awaited new collection by a master of the short story breathes new life into old legends and brings the magic of myth back into modern women’s lives. What became of Helen of Troy, of Guinevere and Maid Marion? And what happens to today’s mature woman when her children have fled the nest? Fifteen new ‘fairy tales’ include an encounter with a mermaid, an erotic adventure with a mysterious stranger, the story of a woman who learns to fly, and of another who transforms herself into a real fairy godmother.

‘Her reach is breathtaking, her prose as liquid and potent as a witch’s brew’ Publishers Weekly

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01 May 2003
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About the author

  • Sara Maitland

    Sara Maitland’s first novel Daughter of Jerusalem won the Somerset Maugham Award in 1979. Since then she has written five more novels and five collections of short stories, including On Becoming a Fairy Godmother (2003).

    In 2004 she moved to Galloway and built herself a house on the moors above New Luce where she lives alone, exploring the possibilities of a contemporary eremitical life. She wrote A Book of Silence, (Granta 2008) partly a cultural history of silence and partly a personal memoir of her own search for that elusive lifestyle. More recently she has published Gossip from the Forest (Granta, 2012), about forests and fairy stories; and Mosswitch and other stories (Commas Press 2014) inspired by conversations with scientists, and including short comments by them on the experience of having our work turned into fiction. 

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