Of Men and Angels

Of Men and Angels by Michael Arditti

Of Men and Angels

God’s vengeance on the wicked city of Sodom is a perennial source of fascination and horror.  Michael Arditti’s passionate and enthralling new novel explores the enduring power of the myth in five momentous epochs.   A young Judean exile transcribes the Acts of Abraham and Lot in ancient Babylon;  the Guild of Salters presents a mystery play of Lot’s Wife in medieval York;   Botticelli paints the Destruction of Sodom for a court in Renaissance Florence;  a bereaved rector searches for the Cities of the Plain in nineteenth century Palestine;  a closeted gay movie star portrays Lot in a controversial biblical epic in 1980s Hollywood. 

With its interrelated narratives and interwoven documents, Of Men and Angels is both formally inventive and imaginatively rich.  Abounding in characters as vivid as they are varied, from temple prostitutes and palace eunuchs, through fanatical friars and humanist poets, to Bedouin tribesmen, Russian exiles and, of course, angels, this is a novel of breathtaking scope, penetrating insight and profound human sympathy.

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22 Mar 2018
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  • Michael Arditti

    Michael Arditti

    Michael Arditti is a novelist, short story writer and critic. His novels are The Celibate (1993), Pagan and her Parents  (Pagan’s Father in the USA) (1996), Easter (2000), Unity (2005), A Sea Change (2006), The Enemy of the Good (2009), Jubilate (2011) and The Breath of Night (2013). His short story collection, Good Clean Fun was published in 2004. He was awarded a Harold Hyam Wingate scholarship in 2000, a Royal Literary Fund fellowship in 2001, an Oppenheim-John Downes memorial award in 2003 and Arts Council awards in 2004 and 2007. He was the Leverhulme artist in residence at the Freud museum in 2008. His novels have been short- and long-listed for several literary awards and Easter won the inaugural Waterstone’s Mardi Gras award. In 2012 he was awarded an Honorary DLitt by the University of Chester. He is currently theatre critic of the Sunday Express.

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