No Trace

No Trace

Within an unconventional artists' neighbourhood centred on Northcote Square in London, Detective Chief Inspector David Brock and Detective Sergeant Kathy Kolla engage in their most compelling case yet. They need to find missing six-year-old Tracey Rudd, the third child to be abducted in similar circumstances in recent weeks.

'For those who prefer their crime fiction silky smooth, it's hard to go past Barry Maitland's No Trace. A highly polished piece that displays its author's mastery of the police procedural and his ability to imagine society through it.' Sydney Morning Herald

'No one who reads this haunting, unnerving work will ever again think about contemporary artists the same way.' Publishers Weekly

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26 Jun 2008
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About the author

  • Barry Maitland

    Barry Maitland is the author of the acclaimed Brock and Kolla series of crime mystery novels set in London, where Barry grew up after his family moved there from Paisley in Scotland where he was born. He studied architecture at Cambridge University, and went on to work as an architect in the UK, then took a PhD in urban design at the University of Sheffield, where he also taught and wrote a number of books on architecture and urban design. In 1984 he moved to Australia to head the architecture school at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales, and held that position until 2000.

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