Misfortunes of Nigel, The

The Misfortunes of Nigel

Misfortunes of Nigel, The

Fiona Pitt-Kethley has gained a cult following as Britain's most controversial poet. The Misfortunes of Nigel marks her debut as a novelist. 'We don't review books by women in our paper … there simply aren't any good ones to write about.' So says Nigel Hughes, a simplish ex-public-schoolboy, moderately successful as an author and critic. But women still cause Nigel more problems than he cares to admit: women like Karen, the unliberated florist with inconvenient ideas about marriage; Isobel, the bosomy literary editor by whom he is sexually harassed; and, worst of all, his appalling wife Gina, a virago of Italian extraction, who beats him up and spends his pay cheques. Then, at a party to mark the publication of his new novel, Nigel meets Eleanor, an attractive and successful writer of raunchy stories. Nigel's ill-fated career on the London literary circuit is chronicled with deadly accuracy in this satirical, highly amusing first novel.

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08 May 2014
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About the author

  • Pitt-Kethley

    Fiona Pitt-Kethley

    Fiona Pitt-Kethley is the author of more than twenty books of prose and poetry. She lives in Spain with her husband, the chess grandmaster James Plaskett, her son Alexander and eight adopted feral cats. Most of her older titles are now available for on ebook. She is currently writing two prose works about life in Spain. She lives in Cartagena where her hobbies include mountain walking, snorkelling and rock collecting.

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