Lilly and the Egg, The

Lilly and the Egg, The

This is a book about art, god, war and sex, and about the battle between the forces of dark and light. Most of all it is a book about love. Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, O’Halloran Ford becomes a wealthy, bestselling writer on art history. He is led on a path of discovery that is full of murder and mayhem, during which he finds out the real reasons behind the murder of world-famous Italian film director Pier-Paulo Pasolini and unveils the extraordinary story of the young English Red Cross nurse Lilly Duveen, who was sexually tortured by three top Nazis in the Second World War.

After months of horrendous torture – which ostensibly took place across 120 days, in accordance with the Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom – Lilly is rescued by handsome Italian aristocrat Egbert di Santo (Egg to his friends). After the war Egg and Lilly marry, and commission one of the world’s great collections of erotic art – the Lilly Eggs – to commemorate their love affair. Lilly has a special reason for sharing her unique life story with Ford. Her reason is the twist at the end of this epic journey through all the avenues of life. This breathtaking book is based on a true story that book place between 1907 and 2005, and woven beautifully together in the form of a novel.

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25 Jul 2013
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About the author

  • O'Halloran Ford

    O'Halloran Ford is the pen name of a world renowned artist who also happens to be very much an art historian, but one with a difference that will be discovered on reading his book, The Lilly and the Egg.

    Ford now divides his time between painting and writing, whilst living with his artist wife in South India and by the sea in Ireland. Most of his formal training took place in London's National Gallery and he became familiar with most of the world's art museums, especially the Metropolitan in New York, where he also lived for a number of years. His work and a lifetime of travel and friendships with many of the world's best known and most powerful people, including the Count Franz-Ludwig von Stauffenberg, son of one of WWII's greatest heroes and something of a hero himself, led Ford to some extraordinary secrets and discoveries, which resulted in The Lilly and the Egg.

    The Lilly and the Egg is based entirely on true stories woven together for literature's sake. Some parts of it might be difficult to believe, but few books could be more difficult to put down whilst you read.

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