Janeites, The

Janeites, The

William doesn’t lurk and neither does he stalk; it gets noticed. Incompetent and illegal, and he has no intention of disturbing Doctor Holier-than-Thou – or not for the moment; that’s the fellow who would be quick to make a complaint and he’s no longer a serving cop: status dodgy. He’ll pounce though on poor Mireille. She’s easy to spot; the studio is in the Robertsau quarter for prestige and she has a little Spider, Italian racing red, old but bold. She’s also very pretty – really Ray has good taste, he thinks when she looms. He looms too, large and cop-like …

A man still as young and robust as William might get cancer, and a doctor like Raymond find Jane Austen better treatment than chemicals. But who beat him up on a dark street? Who set the house on fire? Had that to do with loving William’s wife?

A modern comedy, as ironic as Jane’s own. But a tale too of love and of death in the cynical political worlds of Strasbourg and Paris, which will strike a tragic note before moving from black farce to reconcilement. As they find out, ‘There’s no one like Jane in a tight place’.

25 Jul 2013
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About the author

  • Nicolas Freeling

    Nicolas Freeeling was born in London in 1927. After serving in the military and working as a hotel and restaurant cook throughout Europe, he began his first novel, Love in Amsterdam, while serving a sentence of three weeks in jail for stealing food. His novel King of the Rainy Country received the Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America. Among his other literary awards are the Gold Dagger from the British Crime Writers Association, and France's Grand Prix de Roman Policier.

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