Interstate: Hitchiking Through The State of a Nation

Interstate by Julian Sayarer

Interstate: Hitchiking Through The State of a Nation

Recruited to work on a documentary project, Julian goes to New York convinced he has hit big time at last. Finding the project cancelled, he wanders the city streets and, with nowhere else to go, decides to set out hitchhiking for San Francisco. Revisiting this timeless American journey finds an unseen nation in rough shape. Along the road are homeless people and anarchists who have dropped out of society altogether, and blue-collar Americans who seem to have lost all meaning in forgotten towns and food deserts. Helped along by roadside communities and encounters that somehow keep a sense of optimism alive, Interstate grapples with the fault lines in US society. It tells a tale of Steinbeck and Kerouac, set against the indifference of the vast US landscape and the frustrated energy of American culture and politics at the start of a new century.

'A brilliantly thoughtful writer with no shortage of passion and anger' Sara Wheeler

‘Challenging and enigmatic ... One can’t help thinking that the future of travel writing lies in this adventurous, postmodern genre.’ Sara Wheeler

‘As much an examination of roadside politics as the US landscape, the round-the-world cycling record holder writes about encounters with characters who range from roadside travellers and anarchists to blue-collar communities struggling to find meaning after their industries have departed overseas.’ The Guardian

‘The book...seems prophetic in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as president and the current controversy over 'fake news'.’ The Telegraph

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13 Oct 2016
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About the author

  • Julian Sayarer

    Julian Sayarer

    Julian Sayarer is an author, journalist, and is often called an adventurer, although normally by other people. He has cycled six times across Europe, and in 2009 broke the 18,000-mile world record for a circumnavigation by bicycle.

    He has spent three years working as a cycle courier on the streets of London, hitchhiked from New York to San Francisco, and worked on books and documentary projects along the way.

    A politics graduate, Julian's writing has appeared in the London Review of Books, New Statesman, Aeon Magazine, and many others, including a host of cycling publications. He writes slow travel, his writing from the roadside a 12mph view of the world in passing.

    'On the Road for the Occupy generation' - Open Democracy

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