Intensive Care

Intensive Care

Professor Sidney Sands, wife of a mathematician and devoted mother of a young son, is researching a cure for a fatal lung disease when ironically she is diagnosed with the very condition she is investigating. Does this entitle her to jump the queue for scarce donor organs?

Doubts are raised about the hidden agenda beneath the life and death decisions doctors have to make. Will time run out before young Liverpool supporter, Colin Rafferty, realises his ambition of watching the World Cup? Will popular TV soap star Gavin Wyatt have to be written out before the end of the series? Can US attorney Martin Bond's money save his seventeen-year-old daughter, Anna?

Intensive Care reveals the highly charged human drama that lies behind 'spare-part' surgery. The anguished lives of those who wait for one man's verdict are portrayed with great insight, sensitivity and compassion. It grips from start to finish.

'It is never less than an intelligent, thoroughly informative read' Jewish Chronicle

'Thought it a beautiful, beautiful book. The first chapter was quite staggering. Took it slowly because I didn't want to finish it. About choices. So moving' Bernice Rubens, Booker Prize winner

'Your book has a reality that was powerful and convincing. I believed in the characters and their situations. The narrative carried along from start (and what a tour de force of a start it is) to finish, a testimony to your gifts as a story teller. I found it a deeply serious work exploring profound issues of morality, mortality, love ... this particular reader ended the book with reluctance' Theo Richmond

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25 Jul 2013
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  • Rosemary Friedman

    Rosemary Friedman has published 26 titles including 21 novels and 3 non-fiction works which have been translated into several languages and serialised by the BBC. She has published 2 childrens' books and more than 50 short stories. She has written commissioned screenplays (UK & USA) and television scripts including the pilot for 'Shrinks' (Euston Films, Thames Television) screened 1991 and 'Baby Blues' (BBC1 Doctors) screened 2002. Her stage play Home Truths starred Christopher Cazenove, Edward Hardwicke and Lynda Baron and was co-produced by the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford; it toured major UK venues in 1997. Her stage play Change of Heart had its world première at the New End Theatre in 2004. An Eligible Man was premièred at the New End Theatre in May 2008 and in Kielce, Poland, in December 2011. It had a UK commercial tour in April 2012 and will have a further UK tour in 2014.

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