Holt: An Oxford Novel

Holt by Brian Martin

Holt: An Oxford Novel

Narrated by young Oxford fellow Johnny James, Holt College tells the story of the principal of Holt College, Dr. Willoughby Morris. Morris's increasingly autocratic rule of the college brings him into conflict with many of the college fellows who begin to maneuver for his removal. When there is a leak from the college finance committee to the undergraduate newspaper about an expenses scandal, the news is picked up by the national press and Morris's dictatorship is rocked to the core.

A haunting portrait of one man's life, Holt College shows the inner political workings of one of the country's oldest institutions and the perils that come when such a world is made public.

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22 Feb 2018
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About the author

  • Brian Martin

    Brian Martin was appointed MBE for Services to English Literature in 2002. His literary criticism has appeared in the Spectator, the Times Literary Supplement, the Financial Times and Literary Review. He lives in Oxford, where he spent most of his career as a teacher. His first novel, North, was published by Macmillan New Writing, in 2006. His second novel, Latimer, was published in 2013. The Double Bind of Mr Rigby is his third, and he continues to write.

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