God's Apology

God's Apology

Patrick German has achieved all his life’s ambitions: a lovely wife, a baby son and a prestigious job. So when, one day, he walks out on all he knows and loves, he is as perplexed as anyone. He runs away to become a primary school teacher in north Norfolk, where he is mesmerised by a ten-year-old girl in his class, Joanna, who has an other-worldly authority.

Patrick comes to realise that the private, angst-ridden confession he set out to write is becoming something far more extraordinary: an eyewitness account of an angelic life on earth.

For anyone who has ever questioned the reason for our existence, this book is a must.

‘Smart, fluid prose and sophisticated thought’ The Times

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01 Jun 2006
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About the author

  • Olivia Fane

    Olivia Fane has endured one divorce, married two husbands, been awarded three M.A.s in Classics, Social Work and Theology, written four novels and given birth to five sons. She lives in Sussex. Fane’s combination of intellectual ideas and clear, involving prose won her a Betty Trask Award for Landing on Clouds, and drew comparisons with Iris Murdoch.

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