God's Apology

God's Apology

Patrick German has achieved all his life’s ambitions: a lovely wife, a baby son and a prestigious job. So when, one day, he walks out on all he knows and loves, he is as perplexed as anyone. He runs away to become a primary school teacher in north Norfolk, where he is mesmerised by a ten-year-old girl in his class, Joanna, who has an other-worldly authority.

Patrick comes to realise that the private, angst-ridden confession he set out to write is becoming something far more extraordinary: an eyewitness account of an angelic life on earth.

For anyone who has ever questioned the reason for our existence, this book is a must.

‘Smart, fluid prose and sophisticated thought’ The Times

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01 Jun 2006
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About the author

  • Olivia Fane

    OLIVIA FANE was born in 1960. She studied Classics at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, trained as a probation officer and worked as a psychiatric social worker. She lives with her husband and five sons in West Sussex. Her first novel, Landing on Clouds, combined intellectual ideas with clear, involving prose; it won a Betty Trask award, and drew comparisons with Iris Murdoch.

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