Double Bind of Mr Rigby, The

The Double Bind of Mr Rigby

Double Bind of Mr Rigby, The

Pelham Rigby is an investigative journalist for a London newspaper, and his travels take him around the world on missions that can never be discussed. Roxanne is the beautiful wife of a Spanish businessman with a dubious past, but she only has eyes for Rigby. Arne is the powerful CEO of Myrex, Inc., a corporation that is not all it seems.

When Rigby's newspaper sends him on a mission to Estonia, all four lives become entwined in an explosive series of events that threaten not only Rigby's safety, relationships and career, but his life. Increasingly drawn into the clutches of both British and American security services, and the murky cauldron of Myrex, Rigby is forced to make decisions that compromise everything he's ever believed in.

Building up to a stunning dénouement, where the action shifts from a Soviet submarine base in Estonia to a smart London hotel, The Double Bind of Mr Rigby is an exciting, absorbing thriller which will not only take you places you've never been before, but make you question whether what you are reading is fact or fiction.

'Brian Martin has waited too long to write his first book. He should give his vivid imagination another outing soon' Spectator

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20 Jul 2014
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About the author

  • Brian Martin

    Brian Martin was appointed MBE for Services to English Literature in 2002. His literary criticism has appeared in the Spectator, the Times Literary Supplement, the Financial Times and Literary Review. He lives in Oxford, where he spent most of his career as a teacher. His first novel, North, was published by Macmillan New Writing, in 2006. His second novel, Latimer, was published in 2013. The Double Bind of Mr Rigby is his third, and he continues to write.

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