Discoverer, The

Discoverer, The

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The third volume of Jan Kjaerstad's award-winning trilogy finds Jonas aboard the Voyager, a small boat exploring the reaches of the great Sognefjord in Western Norway. Also on board, four young people engaged in a multi-media project to chart all aspects of the fjord – its geography, people and history. But, like the space probe the boat is named after, Jonas' personal journey of discovery reaches far beyond the usual confines of time or space. With all the breathtaking prowess of a master juggler, Jan Kjaerstad throws episode after episode from Jonas Wergeland's life into the air and holds them, suspended, like planets in the solar system. The reader, once again, is drawn into Wergeland's universe, and taken on a journey – this time with his daughter as guide – to finally discover the truth about his life, and what led to the death of his wife.

'A work so ample in its riches that further discoveries are inevitable.' Independent

'The way these three separate visions overlap and interplay is absolutely brilliant. You can start anywhere with the series, and depending on the order in which you read these, you'll end up with a different impression of Jonas' Rochester

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05 Jan 2012
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  • Jan Kjaerstad

    January Kjærstad is a Norwegian author, best known for the Wergeland trilogy, The Seducer (1993), The Conqueror (1996) and The Explorer (1999), for which he received the Nordic Council Literature Prize.

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