Death of A Translator

Death of A Translator

A journalist's journey to the heart of Soviet Afghanistan.

A young, devil-may-care Englishman, determined to report on the Soviet war and make a name for himself, makes a fateful commitment to a swashbuckling Afghan guerrilla commander. Not only will he go inside the capital secretly and live in the network of safe houses run by the resistance, he will travel around the city in a Soviet Army jeep, dressed as a Russian officer.

Waiting in the mountain camp, from where Niazuldin’s band of fighters lived and planned their hit-and-run attacks on Soviet troops, Ed Gorman discovers what it means to experience combat with men whose only interest is to be killed or martyred.

Death of a Translator is a searingly honest description of a mind haunted and eventually paralysed by the terror of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

'I have never read anything that so fully and perfectly captured the personal experience and the personal aftermath of war.  This is a brave book. Ed Gorman has a lonely struggle, but, excellent reporter that he is, he shows us how the struggle is not his alone.' PJ O'Rourke

‘By turns gripping, enlightening and deeply moving, Ed Gorman’s story should be required reading for any editor in charge of sending journalists into harm’s way.’ Matthew Green, author of Aftershock 

‘Few autobiographies are page-turners. Ed Gorman’s is. I cannot recommend this well crafted, exciting yet moving book too much.’ General The Lord Richards of Herstmonceux GCB CBE DSO, author of Taking Command
‘Death of a Translator is a powerful and personal read. Ed Gorman discusses his experiences in an incredibly open and moving way. His story is an example to us all.’ Brigadier Ed Butler CBE, DSO

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15 Jun 2017
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About the author

  • Ed Gorman

    Ed Gorman

    Brought up in the English Midlands, Ed Gorman attended Cambridge University where he read economics and modern history and then set out to make his name in journalism in Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. His adventures there form the core of his first book with Arcadia, Death of a Translator, which was first published in 2017. A 25-year career at The Times followed when Ed worked as a foreign news correspondent covering wars in Afghanistan, the Balkans and Sri Lanka. He was Ireland correspondent for four years during the Troubles, then sailing and Formula One writer and latterly deputy foreign editor and deputy head of news. Married with three stepchildren, he now works from home in West Sussex, dividing his time between writing and his responsibilities as editorial director of a sports management company. 

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