Death by Dior

Death by Dior

Death by Dior

This is the astonishing true story of the niece of Christian Dior, Françoise Dior, a neo-Nazi who was arrested for firebombing London synagogues and who effectively murdered her own daughter out of lesbian jealousy.
It is told by Terry Cooper, a fast-learning, attractive looking, working class lad with an enquiring mind and a taste for adventure.  Coming from Dagenham in search of a job he meets various British neo-Nazis while doing Census work in Westminster for the Ministry of Transport. He learns that Françoise Dior, the niece and heir of Christian Dior the famous fashion designer, has come to England - arriving with only one purpose: to marry the leader of the British neo-Nazis.

Terry is a good looking young man and one of the few heterosexuals in this right wing circle; he learns to avoid the many homosexual advances coming his way. The only person to show Françoise any kindness since her arrival in the UK, Terry becomes her young lover - in all her French aristocratic British neo-Nazi penury, police indictments and prison and all.

Françoise eventually leaves the UK accompanied by Terry, returning to Jersey and her native France. With Terry as her intimate, the madness of Françoise Dior's embittered life continues to unfold. The loss of the Dior family's fashion empire, which Francoise was anticipating inheriting, is something she has come to blame on the "great Jewish conspiracy" and it is well explained how this was not in fact at all the case.

Reunited with her daughter Christiane, who she had abandoned age 3, in time Françoise becomes embittered by the power of the younger woman's beauty over others as her own fades with age.  As Terry struggles to escape the exclusive hold of Françoise and finds new love with Sylvie, a Belgian born Dior protégé brought up in the area around the Dior, Jean Cocteau and Nina Ricci chateaux, a series of astonishing steps are taken to reduce the power of Christiane's charms, ending in death. 

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30 May 2013
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About the author

  • Terry Cooper

    Terry Cooper

    Terence Robert Cooper was born one foggy October day in the borough of Dagenham on the banks of the polluted Thames.  Until he was 12 years old he was an ordinary submissive working class schoolboy until a 'near death experience' changed his entire attitude towards life. He had contracted Hepatitus A and had been given up as lost by the doctors when he realised life was meant to be lived to the full.

    On his recovery and well in advance of his time he quickly became a rebel against conformity formulating his personal motto, 'In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed is put to death because he is different.'

     A whole series of unforeseen events was to quickly lead him into a parallel world of Nazism, aristocracy, millionaires, and mystics, where he was able to adapt himself to situations which he had never dreamt existed while he was a schoolboy in Dagenham.

    Mastering the language which he once detested at school he has now lived in France for 44 years, marrying a Belgian woman at the late age of 33, recently becoming a grandfather, 'the last step before the old folks' home.' Still refusing to accept conformity he continues a clandestine life of wild adventures.

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    Death by Dior