Dangerous Illusions

Dangerous Illusions by Vitaly Malkin

Dangerous Illusions

“Exceptionally well written, organised and presented… an iconoclastic, tour-de-force from beginning to end.” - Midwest Book Review

Vitaly Malkin - philanthropist, businessman, investor - shares a decade of research on the evolution of religion in his meticulous and impassioned Dangerous Illusions, arguing that religion’s long-standing clash with reason has lead to violence, masochism, oppression, and misery.

Dangerous Illusions examines what Malkin believes are religion’s illusory foundations, calling on his readers to question religion’s value in a society as advanced as ours. Malkin tackles issues like suffering and evil, pleasure and asceticism, and sex and celibacy, through the lens of the three major monotheistic religions - Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Dangerous Illusions fearlessly refutes some of our most archaic beliefs, encouraging all of us - even the agnostic-leaning - to be more aware of the dangers that religion poses to our happiness and collective intellectual advancement.

Malkin ultimately lays out an accessible and convincing case for the human race to reject the “chimera” that religion is in favor of logic and reason if only to live a happier life in the present.

With editions in France, Spain, Italy, Israel, Germany, the UK, and the US, Malkin’s meticulously researched Dangerous Illusions has made its mark as a valuable resource in the recently resurrected discourse around atheism.

“Malkin's book, while meticulously researched and written in great depth, is very accessible to the average reader. I would challenge you to buy a copy and share it with those friends and family members who might be willing to learn and reason.” - Karen Garst, PhD Faithless Feminist

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‘Vitaly Malkin has provided a detailed, passionate, and very personal interpretation of why the various varieties of state-sponsored superstition that pass for religion seek to quench our happiness in this world with false promises of how everyone shall be rewarded in the non-existent next.’ Peter Atkins

‘This book is a battle cry against the oppressive, darkening forces of religious belief that seem to be rising all around us. How did we get this way, and what can we do to stay free? Dangerous illusions points the way to arming ourselves [...] A timely call to arms against the threatening encroachment of religious oppression [...] What ever happened to free thought and speech to the freedoms we grew up taking for granted? Malkin’s fine exploration of the history and power of the world’s religions should help us protect ourselves from some of their worst excesses.’ Prof Sue Blackmore

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14 Jun 2018
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About the author

  • Vitaly Malkin

    Vitaly Malkin is a Russian businessman and investor. He has been a physicist, banker and senator (from 2004 to 2013). Malkin became interested in philosophy and history of religion while engaged in his philanthropic activities for the Fondation Era and Fondation Espoir, and from his extensive travels around the world. Living now in Europe, Malkin has fully dedicated himself to writing and to continuing his work as a philanthropist.

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    Dangerous Illusions by Vitaly Malkin