Blind Sunflowers

Blind Sunflowers

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In this beautifully translated account of loss and reconciliation, set in the time of the Spanish Civil War, four subtly connected vignettes come together to form a cohesive narrative that underlines the horrors of the war in Spain.

'Blind Sunflowers honors untold and alternative histories of the Spanish Civil War. In contrast with other attempts to tell the story of this painful past, Blind Sunflowers is less a politicized denunciation of Francoism than a denunciation of war and human suffering. Rather than further accentuating the concept of a divided Spain, the novel tells four distinct yet intertwining stories of four victims, both Republican and Nationalist. The writing is poetic in its depiction of human anguish.' Books & Culture

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25 Jul 2013
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About the author

  • Alberto Mendez

    Alberto Mendez won the 2002 International Stories Prize for one of the stories in Blind Sunflowers and he was posthumously awarded the Spanish National Prize for Fiction in 2005 for the whole collection. It also won the Setenil and Review awards . The last story of the book, which gives it its name, was made into a film in 2008 by José Luis Rope with a screenplay by Rafael Azcona.

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