An Unsolicited Gift: Why We Do What We Do

An Unsolicited Gift: Why We Do What We Do

For anyone exploring the influence of their childhood and upbringing on their adulthood, this is an essential guide on the path of self-discovery.

This exploration makes a strong case that a better understanding of the way one was brought up can give readers the tools to avoid destructive behaviours, keep them from making the same mistakes as their parents, and avoid passing on inherited baggage to their own children.

Written by a psychologist who is experienced in both theoretical and practical psychology, this treatise offers hope for people to lead conscious, self-directed, happy lives.

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21 Jan 2010
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About the author

  • Dennis Friedman

    Dennis Friedman is a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, specializing in family and marital problems, parenting issues and sexual dysfunction. He is the author of Darling Georgie, Inheritance, and Ladies of the Bedchamber.

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