An Indian Love Affair

An Indian Love Affair Jacket Simon Gandolfi

An Indian Love Affair

In the early 1960s, travel-writer Simon Gandolfi drove a VW from England to Goa where he rented a bungalow on the beach at Calangute. And it was on Calangute beach that Gandolfi met and loved Vanessa and explored with her much of the subcontinent.

The 2008 terrorist attack on the Taj Hotel in Mumbai prompted Gandolfi to re-explore the subcontinent on a small motorcycle. Collecting a Honda 125 from the factory outside Delhi, he rode for six months and 12,000 kilometres

Memories of his travels with Vanessa are his companions as he continues his ride and are the connecting link in this chronicle of two journeys in which Gandolfi explores both the changes in modern India and in himself. 

‘Enthralling’ The Mail on Sunday

'Enlightening, involving, inspiring' Overland Magazine

'Flash wheels and support vehicles are for wimps, as 73-year-old Simon Gandolfi proves as he rides a Honda 125' Guardian

'Gandolfi has a pleasingly robust attitude to guide books and pays little head to warnings to keep to the safe tourist trail' Sunday Telegraph

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12 May 2016
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  • Simon Gandolfi

    Simon Gandolfi

    Simon was born in London in 1933. After military service served as a subalten in the 16th/5th Lancers, at the age of 18, early friendships with the co-directors of the cult movie, Performance introduced him to the wider world of the arts, and actor Antony Quail encouraged him to write his first novel, Even With The Shutters Closed. He has been privileged in making writing and travel his primary occupations in has been fortunate in living in and experiencing a variety of cultures: Spain/Ibiza, Greece, France, Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent, the Dominican Republic and, finally, Cuba for four years before returning to his cottage in Herefordshire.

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    An Indian Love Affair Jacket Simon Gandolfi