About Time

About Time

About Time

For Bill and Pete, friends since school, sixty is a defining moment, forcing a reappraisal of life as urgent as it is unexpected. But if there is no turning back, can they move on, taking wives, girlfriends, children and each other, along for the ride? Or, transformed in body and mind, must they return to Go, dreaming, however late in the day, that life can start over again? 

Poignantly exploring the difficulties of ageing and friendship, Estorick's novel is a compelling portrait of middle-class life.

'About Time is not just litératteur’s jeu d’espritit is well-observed, humane, and very funny.' Alun David, The Jewish Chronicle

Praise for Michael Estorick:

'Finely observed, often tantalizing novel...Estorick writes with wry, elegant ease. Sophisticated, apparently feather-light repartee has elusive, sinister undercurrents.' Philippa Freshman, The Jewish Chronicle

'Full of incidental insights...consistently intelligent.' Martin Seymour-Smith, Financial Times

'A sharp satirist of class and family. He's adept at the nuances of domestic oppression, the bickering, the transmission of skewed hopes and frustrated affections across the years...arrestingly grotesque and finely compelling...its power lies mainly in its inconsequentiality...Estorick has an acute eye and ear and he'll certainly be heard from as a novelist again.' Valentine Cunningham, The Observer

'I read it again, and again with pleasure and admiration. It's a very funny novel... The throw away wit is an ongoing bonus; the dialogue crackles; I almost think you've invented something - the short four- or five-line conversations standing like islands in the story, half a dozen comments and retorts like little explosions - nothing wasted, every word a neat and sometimes savage barb. And all funny in spite of the pain.' Maurice Gee, winner of the James Tate Black Prize for Plumb

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10 Jul 2019
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  • Michael Estorick

    Michael Estorick

    Michael Estorick is the author of eight novels and has written for publications including The Independent and The Tablet. He is Chairman of the Trustees of the Estorick Collection.

    Love Under Lockdown is the sequel to About Time, which the Jewish Chronicle described as 'well-observed, humane and very funny.'

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