Oscar Coop-Phane

Oscar Coop-Phane

Oscar Coop-Phane was born in 1988 after a pretty conventional childhood – parental divorce, bike rides, cereal in the morning – he wanted to become a painter, and then not. He left home at 16 to live with a pretty blonde he loves. That doesn't stop him from passing the Bacaloreat from his attic. 
Then he decided to chuck everything and, while bartending for a living, he read and read, and read some more. From morning to night, from night to morning, he reads Bove, Calet, Calaferte, Dabit, Celine ... 
At twenty, he moved to Berlin where he spent a year writing, reading Proust and toasting his neurons on the techno scene. There he wrote Zenit Hotel, the life of a Parisian prostitute. He then returned to Paris. 
He works nights as a bartender in a cocktail bar in the Tenth District. And then he won the Prix de Flore 2012 with Zenith Hotel.
Yes, it's pretty short, but he's only 24 years old ...

Titles by Oscar Coop-Phane

Tomorrow, Berlin


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30 Jun 2017


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07 Feb 2017

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