Death of a Translator launch event

30 Jun 2017


Here is a video of Ed Gorman speaking at the event for the launch of his debut book, Death of a Translator. 

Death of a Translator is a seeringly honest description of a mind haunted and eventually paralysed by the terror of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It follows a young Ed as he naviagtes war-torn Afghanistan and tries to make a name for himself as a news correspondent. After that summer in Kabul province, the young freelancer became a staff reporter for The Times of London, covering conflicts in Northern Ireland, the Gulf, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the Balkans but Afghanistan never let him go.

'I have never read anything that so fully and perfectly captured the personal experience and the personal aftermath of war.  This is a brave book. Ed Gorman has a lonely struggle, but, excellent reporter that he is, he shows us how the struggle is not his alone.' PJ O'Rourke

‘By turns gripping, enlightening and deeply moving, Ed Gorman’s story should be required reading for any editor in charge of sending journalists into harm’s way.’ Matthew Green, author of Aftershock

Available to buy now from Amazon:

(Video Credit: James Grindel)