Celebrating Catalan Culture at Borough Market

28 Apr 2015

Newham Books Stand at Borough Market

Arcadia Books were delighted to visit the Saint Jordi celebrations hosted by Borough Market and the Catalan Government this Sunday. Not only the patron saint of England, butchers and farmers, St George is also the patron of the Catalan region and, in Barcelona, Saint Jordi celebrations are a huge event and involve the giving of books and roses to friends, family and loved ones.

Our own celebrations were particularly tied to the publication of our own Catalan masterpiece: Jaume Cabre's 'Confessions', translated by Mara Faye Lethem, which can be seen here on the stand of the Institut Ramon Llull who helped us fund the translation and promotion of the book! The bookseller at the event was Newham Books.

So, it may be a bit late now, but why not keep the celebrations going and pick up a copy of Cabre's masterful novel in a bookshop near you or online? 

Happy St George's Day!